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Practice Guidelines
Some say they are replacing physicians' medical judgment with rules intended to cure the bottom line more than the patient. Others believe they are needed to make sure health care is delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Whatever the view, there's no doubt that the practice guidelines created by Milliman USA don't sit well with most physicians. They've even sparked a lawsuit at The University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center.

By Walt Borges


Patients' Rights Revisited
While this may be hard for some to believe, Washington politics appears to be standing in the way of passage of a national patients' rights bill. TMA is working to make sure that if a bill is  passed -- and that's a big if -- it won't wipe out the gains made on behalf of Texas patients and physicians in 1997.

By Ken Ortolon


Improving Border Health
It's been a long time coming and something Laurance N. Nickey, MD, and TMA have worked hard for, and now the vision of a binational commission to bring the United States and Mexico together to improve health conditions along the border is becoming a reality.

By Laurie Stoneham


Delegated Networks
The situation involving PacifiCare of Texas Inc.; Heritage Southwest Medical Group, an independent practice association; and several Dallas-area physicians is one reason why TMA is concerned about the relationship between insurers and delegated networks. The controversy has sparked charges and countercharges and has gotten the Texas Department of Insurance involved.

By Walt Borges


Library of the Future
In this world of the Internet and e-mail, and with the increasing costs of maintaining current medical periodicals and databases, the TMA Library is in the process of reinventing itself to make sure it delivers the information physicians need and provides the biggest bang for the buck.

By Laurie Stoneham


Do "Conditions Contributing to the Death" Clarify the Predictors of Infant Mortality in Texas?
By George R. Kerr, MD, and David Ramsey, PhD

Commentary: The Importance of Infant Mortality Statistics 
By John C. Jennings, MD


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