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Vol. 97 No. 4  

Cover Story  

Technological Healing
A growing number of Texas physicians are turning to the latest technological developments to help them care for their patients. From personal digital assistants to the Internet to voice recognition technology, physicians are becoming increasingly high-tech savvy. One North Texas doctor even runs a virtually paperless office.

By Laurie Stoneham


Bad Faith Lawsuits
TMA-backed legislation making its way through the Texas Legislature this spring would give physicians, hospitals, and other health care professionals who are the targets of medical liability lawsuits filed or pursued in bad faith a way to fight back. They could recover damages from the patients and the lawyers who file them.

By Walt Borges

Legislative Affairs  

Medicaid Money Woes
Unexpected increases in the number of patients and higher costs in the Medicaid program have eaten up the state's budget surplus and are forcing the Texas Legislature to take a hard look at the budget this session. Money may be in short supply, but the line of groups wanting their share of the budget pie is not.

By Ken Ortolon

Medical Economics  

HMO Marketing
Are managed care plans getting employers and their workers to sign up for their health plans by intentionally misrepresenting the number of physicians on their provider panels? Or is the problem simply that insurers cannot keep their directories up to date as physicians come and go from the health plans?

By Walt Borges

Medical Education  

A New Philosophy
Texas medical schools are beginning to embrace a new way of teaching tomorrow's physicians. They are putting more emphasis on treating patients, not just their diseases, and dealing with issues that can't always be found in medical textbooks.

By Laurie Stoneham

The Journal  

Evaluating Rabies Exposure  

By Michael F. Kelley, MPH, MD, and Jane C. Mahlow, DVM, MS

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