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Vol. 96 No. 12  

Cover Story  

Hospice care
Their time is short, but the patients at Hospice Austin are able to make the most of the time they have left, thanks to a dedicated staff of physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. Hospice care is more about living than dying and making a patient's final days as meaningful as possible.

Photos by Susan Gaetz
Text by R.U. Steinberg

Public Health  

Newborn screening
Newborn babies in this country are screened for many possible illnesses or birth defects, but not every state screens for the same conditions. The cost of screening and the availability of viable treatments are major factors when states draw up screening criteria. Now, some physicians and parent groups are asking if enough is being done.

By Johanna Franke


Workers' compensation
Two cases wending their way through the Texas appellate court system will determine whether employers who don't carry workers' compensation insurance can require their employees to give up the right to sue them for medical costs and lost income in exchange for being admitted to employer-funded benefits plans.

By Walt Borges

Public Health  

Health care in Mexico
Americans are flocking across the border into Mexico in droves to obtain health care services. They're doing so because the services are usually much cheaper than what they can get here in the United States and there often are fewer hassles to deal with. The obvious question is, are they sacrificing safety for price?

By Laurie Stoneham

Legislative Affairs  

Prescription drugs
Prescription drugs were a major issue in the just-completed presidential election, but they've drawn the attention of state lawmakers as well. The Texas Legislature is expected to take a hard look at the driving forces behind prescription costs and assess the role of pharmacies and pharmacy benefits managers in the session that begins next month.

By Ken Ortolon

The Journal  

The prevalence of female genital operations in the Houston metropolitan area
By Misha F. Haque; Baruch A. Brody, PhD

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