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Vol. 96 No. 11  

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Medicaid managed care
With a no-nonsense federal judge looking over their shoulders, state officials are trying to figure out what to do about the Medicaid managed care mess. The original idea was to reduce the cost of the $11 billion Medicaid program, but access-to-care problems, administrative hassles, and low reimbursement are causing legislators to take another look.

By Walt Borges

Legislative Affairs  

Mending fences
Proving that there may be some truth in the old adage that it's an ill wind that blows no good, last summer's falling out between the Texas Medical Association and the Texas Association of Business & Chambers of Commerce (TABCC) may actually improve relations between physicians and the business lobby. TABCC has apologized for the inflammatory letter that touched off the squabble, and the two old friends are talking again.

By Ken Ortolon


Supreme Court duels
That new state law requiring parents to be notified if their teenage daughter wants an abortion has caused a lot of consternation among one group -- the Texas Supreme Court. The court has had to rule on requests from young women to waive the notification requirement, prompting a series of often-caustic opinions by the justices. They make fascinating reading.

By Walt Borges

Medical Education  

The nursing shortage
A shortage of nurses is nothing new, but this time the lack of qualified RNs has reached a critical level. Several factors -- including nurses nearing retirement and fewer younger nurses taking their places, a declining interest in nursing as a profession, and a lack of qualified nursing faculty -- are combining to create an increasing number of nursing vacancies. The shortage is prompting fears it will affect the quality of patient care.

By Johanna Franke

The Journal  

Hypothyroxinemia of prematurity: rite of passage or therapeutic necessity?
By M.R. Beeram, MD; and D.P. Wilson, MD

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