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Physician negotiations
It's been a year since the physician negotiation law passed by the Texas Legislature took effect. The idea was to give physicians some protection from federal antitrust laws in negotiating contracts with health plans. No one has used it yet and there's a serious question as to whether anyone will. Nonetheless, the Texas Medical Association is providing members with information about the process and standing by to help any physician group that wants to pursue joint negotiations.

By Walt Borges

Public Health  

Certifying death
Of all the paperwork physicians have to complete about their patients, the last one -- the death certificate -- may be the most perplexing, especially when the cause of death is not readily apparent. Physicians' concerns have prompted TMA to ask the state health department to give doctors a little more leeway in listing a patient's cause of death on the certificate.

By Johanna Franke


Decoding the genome
This summer's announcement that researchers had completed the sequencing of the human genome was hailed as one of the major accomplishments in the history of medicine. It was an international undertaking, but scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine-Human Genome Sequencing Center in Houston played an important role in the project. Other Texas institutions were involved as well.

By Johanna Franke

Legislative Affairs  

The politics of health
November's presidential election is almost upon us, and health care is playing a major role in the campaigns of Republican Gov George W. Bush and Democratic Vice President Al Gore. That's because all the polls show that reforming Medicare, Social Security, and the nation's health care system is high on voters' agenda.

By Ken Ortolon

The Journal  

Differential diagnosis and management of an infant presenting in shock with a history of sickle cell anemia and a recent fall

By Ginger W. Wilhelm, MD; Mark Mehaffey, MD

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