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Vol. 96 No. 7  

Cover Story  

A critical shortage
Several Texas hospitals and blood banks are experiencing critical shortages of blood, often due to decreased donations. The reasons are many, including changing attitudes about giving blood, increased screening for disease, new government regulations that can offend and discourage donors, and medical procedures that waste the precious commodity.

By Laurie Stoneham 

Medical Economics  

Clean claims
It took 9 months, but the Texas Department of Insurance has finally delivered rules defining what constitutes a "clean claim" so physicians can get quick reimbursement for their services from insurance companies. The rules should help alleviate payment hassles, but they're not perfect.

By Michael Cushman, JD, and Wes Cleveland, JD

Medical Economics  

Common credentialing
Filling out all those forms to obtain credentials to treat patients covered by health plans or to get hospital privileges can be a royal pain. But in a move sure to reduce administrative headaches -- not to mention save a lot of trees -- a common credentialing form is on the way.

By Laurie Stoneham

Legislative Affairs  

Class action suits
Are class action lawsuits against insurance companies the way to go to end abusive practices? Some physicians think so, while others see legal action as only a last resort if advocacy efforts fail. TMA's House of Delegates wants a thorough and deliberative examination of the issue.

By Ken Ortolon


Supervising CRNAs
Is selecting and administering anesthesia the practice of medicine, and do physicians have the right to delegate such tasks to certified registered nurse anesthetists? Texas Atty Gen John Cornyn has weighed in with his opinion.

By Clayton Devin, JD, and C.J. Francisco, JD

The Journal  

Community Intervention to Screen Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases in a Rural Texas Community

By Alberto Coustasse-Hencke, MD; Debbie Schutkowski, MS, LMSW, CCM; Yolanda Cervantes, MS, HCA; Antonio Rene, PhD 

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