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Vol. 96 No. 6  

Cover Story  

Spending Big Tobacco's money
Texas got quite a windfall when it settled its lawsuit against the tobacco industry a couple of years ago. With the exception of a few scattered local projects like road paving and courthouse remodeling, the money is being used for all sorts of health care-related endeavors. That's the good news. The bad news is that spending for smoking prevention in Texas is running way behind the other states.

By Johanna Franke 

Legislative Affairs  

The Aetna deal
That much-ballyhooed agreement between the Texas Attorney General's Office and Aetna to settle the state's lawsuit against the company over allegations that it used financial incentives to limit patient care seemed like a good deal when it was announced in April. But after closely studying the document, TMA, AMA, and other health care experts say it has several shortcomings.

By Ken Ortolon 

Medical Economics  

Discharge data
Like it or not, the Texas Health Care Information Council will begin releasing hospital discharge data in December, and the information could easily be misinterpreted by the news media and the public. Now is the time for physicians to help make sure the data are of good quality and are not misused.

By Johanna Franke

Medical Education  

Unionizing residents
The National Labor Relations Board's decision to classify residents in private hospitals as employees instead of students may make collective bargaining by residents easier and have a profound impact on their relationship with hospital administrators.

By Vicky Shalini Mukhi


Good Samaritans
State and federal laws limit physicians' liability when providing volunteer charity care, but, as usual, there are some strict rules that need to be followed. TMA's senior counsel reviews the laws and the requirements they impose.

By C. J. Francisco, JD

The Journal  

Nutritional rickets still afflict children in North Texas
By Mehul Shah, MD; Nina Salhab, MS, RD/LD; Diane Patterson, RN; Mouin G. Seikaly, MD

Prevalence of dyslexia among Texas prison inmates
By Kathryn C. Moody, EdD; Charles E, Holzer III, PhD; Mary J. Roman, PhD; Katherine A. Paulsen, MPH; Daniel H. Freeman, PhD; Marjie Haynes; Thomas N. James, MD

Commentary: Dyslexia and criminal behavior
By Curtis Prout, MD

Texas Medicine Rounds  

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