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Vol. 104, Issue No. 6 - June 2008




Preventing Prevention (pages 18-23)
Giving patients the most cost-effective and lifesaving preventive treatment that modern medicine offers is becoming increasingly difficult for physicians in private practice. One of the biggest problems is getting reimbursed for vaccinating patients. Government regulations and administrative burdens, combined with time constraints and increasing pressure from insurance companies to rate quality of care, also are a problem. By Crystal Conde




White Coats Invade Washington (pages 26-31)
More than two dozen TMA physician leaders, medical students, and TMA Alliance members joined nearly 1,000 representatives of organized medicine from across the country at the AMA's National Advocacy Conference in April. Fixing Medicare's flawed physician payment system was at the top of the agenda. By Ken Ortolon




The Careful Concierge (pages 33-38)
Concierge medicine is becoming increasingly attractive to physicians weary of hassling with insurance companies and not being able to spend enough time with their patients. But physicians contemplating switching to concierge medicine need to be aware of the risks involved. By Crystal Conde




Still Not Enough (pages 41-43)
Texas is licensing new physicians at record rates, but the physician workforce is barely keeping pace with increases in the state's population. Despite a new medical school opening in El Paso in 2009 and bigger class sizes at nearly every other Texas medical school, it appears the ratio of physicians to population in Texas will begin to decline by 2015 unless things change. By Ken Ortolon




Screening for Life (pages 47-51)
It didn't take long for the December 2006 expansion of newborn screening in Texas to pay off. It saved an infant's life the day after technicians began screening for additional disorders. By Ken Ortolon



ROUNDS (pages 9-17)

House of Delegates Rejects Ownership Study, Amends Firearms Policy
Good Data Best Defense Against Physician Profiling
Trusted Leaders, Not "Providers"
Free TVs From TMA
Former President McGee Dies
Dr. Bonnet Leads 50-Year Club




Medication Errors Are Preventable
Name similarities, abbreviations, acronyms, dose designations, and other symbols used in medication prescribing are just a few of the reasons for medication errors.

Notifying Patients When Leaving a Practice
The Texas Medical Board has some very specific regulations for notifying patients when you leave a practice. And you're responsible for making sure they're notified properly.

Got Questions?
The TMA Knowledge Center can answer questions that arise in your practice. Call (800) 880-7955 from 8:18 am to 5:15 pm.



JOURNAL (pages 55-61)

Factors Influencing Texas Family Medicine Residents' Intended Scope of Practice ( abstract )

By Peter Valenzuela, MD, MBA, FAAFP




Commentary (pages 5-6)
Deaths (page 53)
Classifieds (pages 62-63)
MedBytes (page 64)



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