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Vol. 96 No. 2  

Cover Story  

Patient privacy
The covenant of confidentiality between a physician and a patient appears to be disappearing as Congress, federal agencies, the states, organized medicine, and insurers debate the question of who has the right to know and under what circumstances. The result is what used to be private may not be anymore.

By Monica Maldonado

Public Health  

Parental notification
It's a thorny issue with passions running high on both sides, but Texas has joined the ranks of states requiring a physician to notify -- or at least make a good-faith attempt to notify -- a parent or guardian of a minor girl before performing an abortion.

By Johanna Franke

Legislative Affairs  

Campaign 2000
Politicians are off and running for the 2000 elections, and health care is high on their list of priorities. The state legislative races are particularly critical because redistricting is looming in the 2001 session of the Texas Legislature and the balance of power could be affected for years to come.

By Ken Ortolon


Publishing research
Completing a research project is hard enough, but sometimes just getting the results published can be a major headache, especially when ethical questions are involved. A panel of experts in Houston has a few thoughts on the subject.

The Journal  

Scientific and legal issues in fenfluramine/dexfenfluramine litigation  

By Walker S. Carlos Poston II, PhD; John P. Foreyt, PhD

Texas Medicine Rounds  

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