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Public health accomplishments
Most of us take things like clean water, clean air, and clean food for granted, but it hasn't always been that way. The advances in public health made in the last 100 years are nothing short of remarkable.

By Johanna Franke


Children's insurance
The Children's Health Insurance Program gets off the ground in Texas this coming May, providing more children of low-income families with the insurance coverage they need. It will have the protections of a government-run program without the hassles of Medicaid, officials promise.

By Johanna Franke


The cost of mandates
Do legislative mandates requiring health plans to cover certain diseases result in better health care, or do they just drive up the cost of insurance? A state legislative panel plans to find out. One of the first things the committee has to determine is how many mandates actually exist.

By Ken Ortolon


Texas telemedicine
The large number of rural counties in Texas makes our state a natural for the use of telemedicine to treat patients, and physicians are making the most of a rapidly changing technology. The possibilities for individual physicians' practices are exciting.

By Alice Adams


Area income as a predictor of preventable hospitalizations in the Harris County Hospital District, Houston  

By Baby M. Djojonegoro, MPH; Lu Ann Aday, PhD; Anna Fay Williams, PhD; Charles E. Ford, PhD

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