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Vol. 105, Issue No. 6 - June 2009  

COVER STORY(pages 14-19)  

Health System Reform
A vote on reforming the nation's health care system seems likely this summer as President Obama tries to make good on a campaign pledge. Although the Democratic leadership in Congress appears ready to push through reform legislation before the next election, TMA and AMA leaders say very little is known about what that "reform" likely will look like. By Ken Ortolon  


The New TMB
It still has its critics, but the Texas Medical Board is drawing positive comments for speeding up license application processing and changing the way it handles some minor violations. By Ken Ortolon   

LAW (pages 27-32)  

Physicians vs. Wannabes
TMA is embroiled in scope-of-practice lawsuits against the regulatory boards of three health care groups. TMA is suing podiatrists, chiropractors, and family therapists. By Crystal Conde  

PUBLIC HEALTH(pages 33-38)  

Living With a Killer
Tens of thousands of Texans go about their everyday lives infected with HIV and AIDS. Two bills in this year's legislative session sought to reduce the devastation wrought by the disease. By Crystal Conde    

MEDICAL EDUCATION(pages 41-46)  

A Vagabond Education
Hurricane Ike played havoc with students and residents at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Their education was disrupted, they lost many of their possessions, and some were forced to train elsewhere. ByKen Ortolon  

TRUSTED LEADER(pages 47-50)  

President 2
Temple cardiologist Jim Rohack, MD, becomes the American Medical Association president later this month. He's an old hand at presidential oaths -- he's already been TMA president. By Larry BeSaw

ROUNDS(pages 7-13)  

If You're Not a Physician, Say So, TMA House Declares
Let's Fight for Our Patients
Dr. Bailey Named TMA President-Elect
Nobel Laureate Joins Cancer Institute
DSHS Improves Death Registration
DSHS Proposes HIV/STD Reporting Changes
Ask the TMA Knowledge Center

JOURNAL(page e1)  

Updated Prevalence Estimates of Multiple Sclerosis in Texas, 1998 to 2003 ( abstract ) ( full text )

By Laurie B. Wagner; Natalie P. Archer, MS; Dhelia M. Williamson, PhD; Judy P. Henry, PhD; and Randolph Schiffer, MD


E&M Coding: What Not to Do
Correct coding and billing for evaluation and management (E&M) services continues to stymie many practices. TrailBlazer, the Medicare contractor for Texas, has identified E&M codes that are the most problematic among the claims it processes.

Collections: Key to Success in Tough Times
A sound collection policy is vital to the success of every practice, especially in today's tough economic environment. The Medical Group Management Association has a few tips for improving collections.

Five Tips for Claims Follow-Up
Delayed, denied, and incorrectly paid claims are, unfortunately, "business as usual" in today's medical practices. TMA Practice Consulting has five tips for staying ahead of the payers.


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