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Vol. 105, Issue No. 9 - September 2009   


Bad Times (pages 10-14)
Physicians are not exempt from the nation's economic troubles. TMA experts say it's harder for physicians to get funding for their practices. Doctors are postponing the purchase of specialized or high-dollar equipment, lending institutions are asking physicians to anticipate lower-than-expected starting salaries, and getting a bank loan and credit takes about twice as long as it did last year.  By Crystal Conde   


Hire Authority (pages 15-20)
TMA recognizes the need to attract more physicians to the state's rural areas, but giving hospitals the authority to hire physicians is not the way to do it. By Ken Ortolon   


Relieving the Debt (pages 21-24)
Beginning this month, young primary care physicians have an added incentive to practice in rural areas, thanks to expansion of the state Physician Education Loan Repayment Program. By Ken Ortolon   


A Fair Balance (pages 27-32)
After lengthy negotiations, lawmakers passed a bill creating a fair balance-billing resolution process that holds health plans, hospitals, facility-based physicians, and patients accountable while examining the adequacy of insurance company networks in local markets.  By Crystal Conde   


Man With a Plan (pages 33-43)
Adolfo Valadez, MD, MPH, hasn't been on the job in charge of disaster preparedness for the state health department all that long, but he's already been through a lot . By Crystal Conde   


McAllen Fights Back (pages 45-49)
McAllen physicians were surprised to find themselves part of the health reform debate when a New Yorker  article blamed them for skyrocketing medical costs. By Crystal Conde

ROUNDS(pages 5-8)

New Physician Toolkit to Improve Patient Lifestyles, Patient Health
State Plans for Swine Flu Surge
TMA Wants "Meaningful Use" Meaningful
Texas Electronic Prescriptions Soar
UTMB Gets $21.5 Million Research Grant
Garcia Named CPRIT Prevention Officer
Ask the TMA Knowledge Center
Nominate an Outstanding Science Teacher
Bring Your Patients to the Debate 

JOURNAL(page 51)  

Pediatric Injuries in Central Texas ( abstract ) ( full text )

By Kelly M.K. Johnson, MS; Karla A. Lawson, PhD; Paula Yuma-Guerrero, MPH; Michelle Prince, MD; and R. Todd Maxson, MD   


Deaths (page 53)
Information for Authors (page 54)
MedBytes (page 56)  



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