The ORYX Initiative

Goals and Potential Application to Physician Quality Improvement Efforts

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Abstract of Journal Article - October 2000

Symposium on Quality in Health Care


By Linda S. Hanold, MHSA; Richard G. Koss, MA; and Jerod M. Loeb, PhD

Demands for public accountability in health care are more widespread today than at any time in the past. A number of national performance measurement efforts, including the ORYX initiative of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, represent an effort to provide stakeholders with the data they need to make judgments about the quality of health care provided to the public. The underlying premise of performance measurement is that organizations and clinicians can only improve what they can measure. Clinicians are the natural leaders in effecting broad-based change because of their direct influence on patient care and the respect they command in the health care environment. As performance measurement initiatives evolve, the ability of health care organizations to implement empirically based, structured improvement will increase and become commonplace.

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